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Vintage Truck magazine has been covering the collector truck hobby for 21 years. On these pages, you will find every cover going back to the start – issue number 0101. If an issue is still in stock, we indicate it is available for sale through our online gift shop. For more information about each issue, including a list of features and departments, click on the cover photo.

2015 Vintage Truck Back Issues

Mar/Apr 2015

Mar/Apr 2015 #2301
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Jan/Feb 2015

Jan/Feb 2015 #2206
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2014 Vintage Truck Back Issues

Nov/Dec 2014

Nov/Dec 2014 #2205
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Sep/Oct 2014

Sep/Oct 2014 #2204
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Jul/Aug 2014

Jul/Aug 2014 #2203
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May/Jun 2014

May/Jun 2014 #2202
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Mar/Apr 2014 #2201
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Jan/Feb 2014 #2106
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Back Issues — 4 Comments

  1. I have a 1934 1 1/2 ton and would like to restore it. I have had poor luck finding someone who has restored one. They must be very rare. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would Nov/Dec 2011 be of help?

  2. I was given a older magazine from a friend and am wondering if volume 13:5 is stii available to purchase?
    I recently purchased a 1942 kb2 and am looking for any info that I can find on this international truck….

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you

    Kevin hastings

    • We are completely sold out of Vol. 13, Issue 5. If you check the Classified section in our most recent issue, you may be able to find someone selling that back issue.

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