Studebaker M16 – Match Made at Marymount
Candace Brown


The 1946 Studebaker M16 that appears in the November/December 2014 issue of Vintage Truck magazine is owned by Al Downs. Bought at auction on the grounds of the LeMay Family Collection at the Marymount Event Center in Tacoma, Washington, the paint on the truck almost perfectly matched that on Al’s 1945 B.F. Avery tractor. “Of all my trucks and tractors, that one captured my wife’s attention,” Al said. “When she first saw it, she said, ‘You know, your Avery would … Read the rest of the story…

Class of 1990 Trucks Become Classic
Rich Truesdell


What defines a classic? In music, it’s a song that’s iconic, a song you still remember the first time you heard it, and sometimes, the person you were with at the time—especially if you find yourself still married to that same person. In the case of automobiles, it is when a model reaches its 25th birthday that in many states you can apply for classic or heritage license plates. By this standard, trucks, pickups, and SUVs from 1990 have reached … Read the rest of the story…

Fargo Sweptside – January/February 2015 Cover Story
Patrick Ertel

1957 Fargo Sweptside

The 1957 Fargo Sweptside that appears on the cover of the January/February 2015 issue of Vintage Truck magazine is one of two known to survive and is owned by Bill Armstrong of Ontario, Canada. The 1957 model was the first Fargo to have the “alligator” hood. It could be opened 45 degrees, or folded up to a full 90 degrees for unequaled access to the engine. And, be sure to check out the video interview with Bill Armstrong and his … Read the rest of the story…

Winter Is Warm With Collective Generosity
Karen O’Brien

The Eventer

Living in the Midwest, I’m used to the notion that car cruises, shows, and swap meets generally come to an end for the season shortly after Halloween. But there are parts of the country where cars and trucks aren’t put up for the winter and show activity continues. I found a few December events that will be the envy of Midwesterners, and if you’re lucky enough to live in these warm areas, get out and enjoy them. We wish we … Read the rest of the story…