The 800 Or So Trucks of Williams
Joe Sharretts


This month, I highlight a New Jersey salvage yard that, to date for me, has been the mother lode of salvaged vintage trucks. Most yards that I visit have a handful of trucks mixed in with the vintage cars, but this yard is the exact opposite. Williams Auto & Truck Parts of Pitts Grove, New Jersey, has the vintage cars beat four to one. In all honesty, I originally paid a visit to see the 200 or so vintage cars, which … Read the rest of the story…

1943 Willys MB Owner Interview – 2014 Vintage Truck Show
Patrick Ertel


During the 13th Annual Vintage Truck Show on August 2, 2014, we interviewed several truck owners about their vintage vehicles. We learned a lot of neat information and heard many interesting stories. In this video, truck owner Alan Johnson of Beavercreek, Ohio, tells us about his 1943 Willys MB truck. We have more videos to come, so keeping checking the website for the latest video from VT TV. If you missed this year’s truck show, be sure to bring your old truck to the … Read the rest of the story…

May Shows Promise Variety
Karen O’Brien

The Eventer

Now that show season is in full swing, it’s time to break out your calendar and make travel plans. Many truck-friendly shows are happening across the nation that promote the hobby, support the local community, and help out some great causes. And when you go to your local shows, take the time to stop and talk to the car/truck owners, they are a wealth of information about this hobby and most are more than willing to share their stories and … Read the rest of the story…

Salvage Yard Stories Gone Bad
Joe Sharretts


People tell me all the time that being paid to visit salvage yards must be the greatest job ever. I have a great time doing what I do, and most of the time it has been pretty great. But, with every high point in a job, there must be some lows, so I’ve decided to use this month’s blog to tell you all about those times where it isn’t so much fun to be me. In my writing career, I … Read the rest of the story…

Future Collectible? 1986-1991 Jeep Comanches
Rich Truesdell


Over the course of its long and storied history, Jeep has manufactured a number of unique pickup trucks. These include the Forward Control series (1956-1965), the long-lived J-Trucks (1962-1988), based on the original Wagoneer (both already collectible to a degree), a pickup version of the Kaiser Jeep and American Motors Corporation (AMC) Commando (1966-1973), and the CJ-7-based Scrambler (1976-1986) that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles continues to make noise about bringing back. But one stood out as quite possibly having the greatest … Read the rest of the story…