Wisconsin’s Zeb’s Auto Salvage
Joe Sharretts


This month I am going to try something different. I have been eagerly awaiting this blog because I have wanted for a while to include our readers in what I do here. This month I have that chance to supply you with a salvage yard in Wisconsin that I have personally only been to twice, and it was well before I was writing about trucks. It has always been my intention to jump all over the country to give our … Read the rest of the story…

Bonner Thunderbolt and Jet Age Trucks Take to The “Big Stage”
Al Rogers

Al Rogers, the Lensman

In January 2015, I shared the story of the Bonner Thunderbolt barn find in Cumming, Georgia, with readers of “The Lensman” blog on the Vintage Truck magazine website. Some might recall that the car was stowed away for over 20 years in a barn and that a 1960 Ford F-100 pickup truck stood guard outside the boarded-up entrance. For the new readers to this blog and Vintage Truck magazine, here’s a recap. On Jan. 16, 2015, a real 1964 Thunderbolt … Read the rest of the story…

New Jersey’s Friendship Used Auto Parts is Your Truck Destination, Part 1
Joe Sharretts


In the past 10 years, New Jersey has been hit pretty hard by vintage salvage yards clearing out their stock. Most of these possible gems were lost prior to my discovery. The good news is that as long as I’m at work, I’ll keep searching, and every once in a while, I strike gold and find a new supply that was previously only known by the locals. Friendship Used Auto Parts in Tabernacle, New Jersey, has become better known than … Read the rest of the story…

The Varying Vintages of Geese Auto Salvage, Inc.
Joe Sharretts


It was only two years ago that I discovered Geese Auto Salvage, Inc. in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, but, in fact, Geese has been in the same location since 1960. It has also been in the same family the entire time, and every generation seems to be on board with keeping the vintage car theme going. There are well over 1,000 vehicles in Geese’s yard and about half of that stock falls between 1960 and 1980. Many of these vehicles are trucks; … Read the rest of the story…

Auction Alert: Ken Robinson Vintage Truck & Parts Collection
Erin McCarty


The Ken Robinson Collection of Vintage Trucks & Parts SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 · BLACKSTONE, MA Ken Robinson’s private collection of 80 antique commercial trucks, restored and original, will be sold at public auction by Capital Recovery Group on Saturday, October 10, 2015 in Blackstone, Massachusetts; and online via webcast. Highlights of the 80 classic trucks and tractors include: 1920 Mack flatbeds, cranes, and chassis; most with wooden cabs, crank engines, and chain drives. 1940–1950s Mack wreckers, flatbeds, and dump trucks, … Read the rest of the story…

Stewart Criswell & Sons Inc.—Pennsylvania’s vintage truck mother lode, Part 2
Joe Sharretts


In my blog post last month, I highlighted one of the first salvage yard I ever covered— Stewart Criswell & Sons Inc. Simply put, Criswell has every style, make, and model truck you can think of, from heavy-duty trucks to light pickups. I saw all brands on my visit, including some fairly uncommon makes like Studebaker, Diamond Rio, Corvair, GMC, and so on. I also noticed an overwhelming presence of 1950s delivery vans. There had to have been at least … Read the rest of the story…

International Travelall – September/October 2015 cover story
Patrick Ertel


The 1956 International S-120 Travelall that appears on the cover of the September/October 2015 issue of Vintage Truck magazine is owned by avid IH collector Paul Hammond. The Travelall once worked at a hunting lodge and had the bullet holes in the roof to prove it. What else is in this issue? Features 2015 ATHS National Convention & Antique Truck Show 1957 Jeep FC-150 1974 Ford Bronco 1949 Chevrolet 3100 1959 Ford Ranchero 1973 Mohs SafariKar Departments Chevy Talk – 1957 GMC 150 NAPCO … Read the rest of the story…