Dodge Town Wagon – May/June 2015 Cover Story
Candace Brown

VT2302-cover story

The 1957 Dodge W100 Town Wagon that appears on the cover of the May/June 2015 issue of Vintage Truck magazine is owned by Dodge enthusiast Mark Caryl of Washington state. The “Forward Looking” styling of this Town Wagon suggests ruggedness and adventure. With four-wheel drive, passenger seats, and sliding back windows, the “Townie” made backcountry trips a pleasure. What else is in this issue? Features Chevrolet Vega Panel Express, 1971–1975 1960 International B-100 1948 Studebaker M15 1961 Ford F-100 Styleside … Read the rest of the story…

Future Collectible? 1986-1991 Jeep Comanches
Rich Truesdell


Over the course of its long and storied history, Jeep has manufactured a number of unique pickup trucks. These include the Forward Control series (1956-1965), the long-lived J-Trucks (1962-1988), based on the original Wagoneer (both already collectible to a degree), a pickup version of the Kaiser Jeep and American Motors Corporation (AMC) Commando (1966-1973), and the CJ-7-based Scrambler (1976-1986) that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles continues to make noise about bringing back. But one stood out as quite possibly having the greatest … Read the rest of the story…

Slipped Under the Radar… Until Now
Joe Sharretts


It’s amazing how if you don’t call every single salvage yard within 200 miles of your home, the one you missed is almost certainly the one you are looking for. Years ago, I undertook such a project, and, after several yards told me that there was nothing in the area at all anywhere, I gave up on the Pottstown area of Pennsylvania. Also, Pottstown is only about an hour from where I lived, so I figured that if there were … Read the rest of the story…

1968 Dodge A100 Owner Interview – 2014 Vintage Truck Show
Erin McCarty

1968 Dodge A100

During the 13th Annual Vintage Truck Show on August 2, 2014, we interviewed several truck owners about their vintage vehicles. We learned a lot of neat information and heard many interesting stories. In this video, truck owner John Steiner of Marion, Ohio, tells us about his 1968 Dodge A100. We have more videos to come, so keeping checking the website for the latest video from VT TV. If you missed this year’s truck show, be sure to bring your old truck to the … Read the rest of the story…

Les’s Auto Salvage Has Old Stuff
Joe Sharretts


Six years ago, when I originally thought about calling Les Helm to write a story about his salvage yard in Cars & Parts magazine, a guy told me: “Don’t go there. He doesn’t have any old stuff.” I took him at his word and let it go. It wasn’t until a few years later, after I hearing of a major parts car auction held by a local collector, where hundreds of Lincoln, Mercury, and Edsel cars were put up for … Read the rest of the story…

1950s Pickups Take to the Big Stage
Al Rogers

Al Rogers, the Lensman

  2014 goes down as a breakout year for the classic pickup truck at the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s. My yearly car show/event coverage includes several concours d’elegance shows around the country. Usually things kick off with the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida in early March. This year was no exception. I made my way to the event with a plan to cover the show and focus on the 10 Packard dream cars from the Ralph Marano … Read the rest of the story…

Class of 1990 Trucks Become Classic
Rich Truesdell


What defines a classic? In music, it’s a song that’s iconic, a song you still remember the first time you heard it, and sometimes, the person you were with at the time—especially if you find yourself still married to that same person. In the case of automobiles, it is when a model reaches its 25th birthday that in many states you can apply for classic or heritage license plates. By this standard, trucks, pickups, and SUVs from 1990 have reached … Read the rest of the story…