12th Annual Vintage Truck Show (2013)
Erin McCarty

IH Scout

Rain—the threat of it haunted us all the months leading up to the 2013 Vintage Truck Show in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Memories of last year’s storm and near rainout lingered in our minds. We may have learned a few new tricks in storm preparedness but they would provide little aid if a tempest truly descended.

Text by Erin McCarty, Photos by Libby Ballengee

Before the sun rose on the morning of the 12th Annual Vintage Truck Show on August 3rd, prospects of a dry day were grim. As the downpour soaked the show field across from Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio, we remained resolute that the show would go on. Then around 7:30 a.m., the showers began to lift and so did our spirits.

Sunshine and trucks were plentiful during the 2013 Vintage Truck Show in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Sunshine and trucks were plentiful during the 2013 Vintage Truck Show in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The drops had completely ceased as our early arrivals began to stream in—undeterred by the previous day’s bleak forecasts. A convoy of military trucks easily traversed the soggy terrain, and the drivers deployed to help park fellow olive drab vehicles. More and more trucks appeared and filled the lines of the exhibitor parking—many laden with pop-up canopies and folding chairs, ready to enjoy the day come what may.

By noon, the grey skies had turned to a brilliant blue, and any remaining thoughts of rain had disappeared. The show was in full swing. The low number of about 60 pre-registrations belied the tremendous turnout that we actually had. Around 180 vehicles of various years, makes, and models in all states of repair or disrepair delivered plenty of eye candy. Over 90 percent of exhibitors were from Ohio but there was a nice sprinkling of out-of-staters hailing from New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

The fanfare did not stop with trucks. Throughout the day, Vintage Truck merchandise and other items were given out as free door prizes, and live music piped through the speakers filling the air with beautiful noise. The band Sawgrass, which has practically become a Vintage Truck Show standard, entertained showgoers with their brand of bluegrass, including a rousing cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” We had a videographer recording all aspects of the show this year, so look forward to seeing that footage on our website in the future.

The purpose of the show has always been to thank loyal readers, contributors, advertisers, and everyone who makes the magazine best in its class. And yet, the outpouring of support and encouragement from show attendees made us feel like we were the ones receiving the “thank you.” So thank you again to everyone who came out to share their love of vintage trucks and their enthusiasm for the magazine.

We would also like to thank our co-sponsor Young’s Jersey Dairy for their invaluable collaboration that helps every year to make the show some kind of wonderful.

Hope to see you under sunny skies at the (lucky) 13th Annual Vintage Truck Show on Saturday, August 2, 2014.


  • Editor’s Choice—1941 Ford Jim Hollenbaugh of Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • People’s Choice—1942 GMC 2½-ton American Legion Post 238 of Mechanicsville, Ohio
  • Exhibitor’s Choice—1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Malcolm Berry of Kettering, Ohio
  • Ugliest Truck—1966 Chevrolet C20 Dave and Janelle Brown of Pleasant Hill, Ohio
  • Oldest Truck Driven—1929 Ford Model AA Joe Ayres of Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Oldest Truck Trailered—1918 Ford Model T Bill Darrow of Kettering, Ohio
  • Longest Distance Driven—1969 International 1200D Bill and Shirley Huck of Wautoma, Wisconsin (600 miles)
  • Longest Distance Trailered—1946 Chevrolet Ken Kaschinske of Saginaw, Michigan (270 miles)

See full story and photos in the November/December 2013 issue.

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